Bluetooth Airfly smart lock


Bluetooth Airfly smart lock

  •  5-way opening: Bluetooth, DMSS App, Mifare Cards, passwords and mechanical keys

  • Privacy password: xxx+password+xxx, preventing password to be seen by others

  • Passage Mode and Non-disturbance Mode optional

  • Auto lock when come across a consecutive invalid passwords or cards

  • Low Voltage alarm(<4.5V)

  • Huge storage: 50 cards, 50 passwords, 8 Bluetooth

  • Emergency power supply outside

  • Two colors optional

  • Zinc alloy material

Danh mục: 

Card Type                                                           Mifare 1
Card Features Contactless, high security, all-in-one possible
Sensor Distance < 20mm
Sensor Time < 0.5s
Storage Capacity 50
Keyboard Type All-touch keyboard
Password Length 6-12 bits
Storage Capacity 50
Wireless control  
Bluetooth mobile Max. 8 mobiles phone
Airfly outdoor station 433Mhz wireless mudle built-in

Controlled by VTO2111D-WP(433)

Working Voltage 6V, AA alkaline battery (4pcs)
Battery Life About 1 year (10 units/D)
Low Battery Warning < DC4.5V
Emergency Power Supply 9V battery

Door Thickness                                                 35-65mm (customizable)
Backset 60/70mm
Material Zinc alloy
Working Temperature -20°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity 10%~93%
Salt spray test ≥200h
Lock case test ≥100000 times
Package size 315*230*160(mm)
Gross weight 3.3Kg
Restore Default Support
Reset Support
Built-in Buzzer Support

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